August 4, 2011  
iGP e-Newsletter
The Launch of RMB Cash Account at iGP
iGP has officially launched the new Renminbi (RMB) cash account service for online and offline transaction requests. It offers Wealth Advisers a more flexible tool to manage the investment portfolios of their clients.

iGP Highlights
iFAST Network Rows In The 2011 Hong Kong International Dragon Races
As a kick-off event of iFAST Network, we sent our “iFAST Network” dragon boat team to participate in the “Financial Institution and Bank Championship” in the “Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races” in June 2011.

New Funds on iGP
We are pleased to announce that 11 new funds from 5 fund houses are now available on iGP platform.

iFAST Research Highlight - A bargain buy or a value trap for the Hong Kong market?
In this article, we use two different models, namely Earnings Yield Gap Model and Historical Mean PE Approach, to value the fair price of the HSI by the end of 2011.

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